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Jayden - June 2015

Just wanted to give a review for my latest trip to Sacred Skin for Jayden Barr.
I travel once a year for work to be done by these guys and gals and just want to say WOW its always a pleasure,and over the past 5 years I've seen artists come and go,but their customer service has never wavered neither has their cleanliness or the fantastic atmosphere that's always there.

From an online,or over the phone consult to front counter with Greg and Luke a great experience.
I recently had both my inner arms done by Jayden Barr over 1 day and don't let his tender age fool you,he's very professional,intelligent young guy who I will continue to have work done by.

I cant wait to see what this guy can do in 10 years time, he's amazing now.

I've also had work done by Matt Bom(awesome he's back) which people constantly ask where I had it done(and I tell them proudly), another amazing artist who I hope to have more work done by.

Tony has a great studio with wonderful talented artists and I hope to enjoy travelling there for many more years.

Cheers Tanya

Hannah - March 2015

Hi :)
This is a bit late but I just really wanted to say a big thank you, specially to Hannah! She did an amazing job on my tattoo, absolutely love it.  She was just so patient and lovely to deal with. Can't wait to get another one done :)
Thanks again!


Matt - July 2014 

Just wanted to give a shout out to Matt for his great work on my half-sleeve:


I recently had a Japanese style half-sleeve completed by Matt Bom, and to say that it turned out amazing would be a huge understatement!

I approached Matt with a broad concept and a couple of reference pictures, and what he put together was better than anything I could have imagined.

Matt took the time at each step of the process to involve me in decisions about colour and style, and with his wealth of experience, was able to tell me what would and wouldnít work.

Iím stoked with the finished product, and would recommend Matt to anyone looking for their next tattoo, particularly Japanese style.

Iíll be back soon for more!               
Scott - June 2014
Well where to start!
I guess at the start would be appropriate .
When I was 11 months old I had one of those unfortunate house hold accidents where I pulled a kettle down and the result was some scaring from skin graphs.
For my whole child hood and teens I was told from every doctor that nothing can be done to reduce or remove the appearance of the scars.
Fast forward many years, Iím now 43.
I read that over in the states that this guy had tattoos placed over similar scars , and well the out come was awesome.
So I called up Sacred skin and spoke with the big man Tony Oliver.
Now this is where the professionalism comes into it.
Tony meets with me over a coffee and hears all about my story and how this has affected me over the years.
Not a problem he tells me, lets work with the scaring and use its contours to our advantage.
So a few sessions with Tony and my life changed instantly for the better.
With an old tree, my Scottish guardian angel and the demon he fights off, the scars were all but gone.
You would never know that they were ever there to start with.
I cant ever thank Tony enough for taking the work on and proving all the high class doctors that they were very much wrong.

Fast forward a couple of years later, and I lost my dad who was my best mate very suddenly.
So a few weeks ago I made the trip back to Scotland to say my last good byes to my old man.
When I was there I came across the photo of him with my mum on there honeymoon .
I remember seeing Raymond carrying out some portrait work on someone when I was in one day.
So a phone call later and Iím booked in to have this photo of my dad tattooed on my arm.
Now I would say that there are many tattoo artists who believe they can pull of a portrait tattoo.
What Raymond produced today was nothing short of a flawless photo of my old man.
The detail that was put into this tattoo was mind blowing.
To say he done this picture justice would be an under statement.
Ray, thank you mate, this tattoo means the world to me and I cant thank you enough. Your a master at this kind of work, what a gift!
From the awesome studio, the friendly staff that welcome you to the professional approach and service that you get is second to none.
If anyone is finding it hard to choose a tattoo studio, then look no further , sacred skin and there team of talented artists are the ones.
This is most likely a bit long winded, however it needed to be said.
Credit where credit is due, my life is better for being part of it, Tony, Raymond and the team thanks so much.

Looking forward to my next lot of work
Thank you so much.

Hadyn - October 1st 2013
This testimonial is a long time coming. At the start of this year I came in with a very rough idea of a tattoo that I wanted. I told Raymond that I wanted an angel fighting a demon, after looking at a few previous designs Raymond started working on making his own design which I was really impressed with. When it came to getting the tattoo done Raymond was extremely professional and friendly, as were the other staff members around the studio. Over the three sessions I was always happy with the service, atmosphere and work of the whole team. The tattoo ended up better than I could have hoped for, and I will certainly be back to Sacred Skin for my next addition.

 Daniel - September 24th 2013

I recently had a half sleeve completed by Dave at your studio. This piece was my second tattoo and my first big one. From my very first visit to the last session I was always welcomed by both Greg and Shanyn at the front counter, their customer service was top notch. I was extremely impressed with Daveís knowledge and experience with traditional Japanese art and am absolutely over the moon with the end result of my tattoo. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to your staff for always being helpful and for the amazing work that you all constantly produce. Will definitely be a repeat customer once I decide on what to get next.

  Callum - September 2013

Today at 3pm 3/9/2013, I had a chest a tattoo inked in by Dave. Not only where all the staff I met there friendly and helpful 
but the level of professionalism on the premises was outstanding. I'm happy to say I thought the work Dave did was fantastic
and Greg at reception to be most helpful. 
I'm looking forward to booking future work with you all and will recommend to my friends to come to Sacred Skin in future.

 Michele - August 2013
Just wanted to say thanks again Josh for staying back and doing an amazing job on my rose last night!  I am so happy with the results and appreciate the recommendation.

Mandy Hughes - June 2013
I meant to write this earlier this week unfortunately have been very busy at work however could not let the weekend without sending a very big thank you.  My first ever tattoo (at age 52) was done on Saturday by Willa not only has she done a fantastic job she was also very reassuring and gentle with me (though must admit I not a fan of the shading part o tattooing).  I would highly recommend your company and Willa to anyone looking to have a tattoo everyone who has seen my tattoo loves it.

Lisa Green - May 2013
The staff are friendly and make you feel at ease, Dave has added to my arm and I'll definitely be going back there for more :)

Bec Hibberd - April 2013
Got a tatt with Kelly last year while visiting Brissy, she did a fantastic job and I often get compliments on the colour.  It was my best tattoo experience so far.  The staff are really friendly and the studio had a great relaxed atmosphere.  If only I lived in Brisbane....might have to take a tattoo holiday:)

JackJack Lfsu-Original Robinson - February 2013
Amazing studio, from the first time I went there back in 2007 I was greeted with friendly smiles, professional & positive attitudes and a passionate group of people who have and still do cater to my every need when I'm getting a tattoo.  I always feel comfortable and am always made welcome when I walk into the studio.  Josh is my tattooist and his artwork is amazing, I am forever receiving compliments from strangers about his art that I have proudly inked into my skin.

Crank Man  - January 2013
This studio and artists are a credit to their profession, I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.  The whole crew make you feel more than welcome & also listen to your ideas as well.

Sara Harding  - January 2013
I got my half sleeve done at Sacred Skin, and I absolutely love it wouldn't go anywhere else <3 definitely be back for more ASAP :)

Cassie Winnacott - April 2013
Got my 2nd tattoo done there by Kelly last Nov, just got my 3rd one done by Josh yesterday.  Very very talented group of artist.  Highly recommend them to anyone and will definitely be back again :)

Rosie Elwyn - December 2012
I got my first tattoo done here (ribs) it was beautifully done and healed perfectly.  Really professional :), highly recommended.

Monday, December 12, 2011

I just wanted to say thank you so much for Saturday, you are so nice to deal with and made me feel so relaxed

Josh and yourself made it less daunting even though Ive had it done before, the environment you guys create is just great and very relaxed.

Once again thank you.

Have a great day.

Kind Regards


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Would just like to thank everyone at Sacred Skin for everything especially Dave my tattooist. So friendly and helpful witheverything from a few smaller tattoos to the awesome cover up whichturned out better than I thought possible considering how big the old tattoo was.

He also did my friends first tattoo and was great for the whole thing. Going overseas for a couple of years now but
can't wait to return and get some more done. Thanks again for everything, will recommend you to anyone.

Cheers, Greg.

Saturday July 9, 2011

I really want to congratulate Sacred Skin on their professionalism and customer service! I came in on thursday to receive my first
tattoo and after making the appointment. I was nervous at first but immediately was put to ease as I was greeted and taken care of! My Artist Dave came out and looked at my proposed designs and quickly went away and got it all up and running. He was professional, caring and above all else a friend through the whole journey!

He explained everything perfectly and my tattoo looks too beautiful for words! I recommend Sacred Skin for anybody interested in a
tattoo as they house some of the best artists in my opinion!

Thanks again for everything you have done for me!


Friday 13 / 05 / 2011

Hi Guys
I just have to congratulate you on your top notch tattoo parlour. I waited until my mid 50ís, walking with a cane, for my first tattoo and it was gorgeous Ė everyone comments on it and I always refer them to you. I didnít think I was in their "normal age bracketĒ but was made to feel so welcome right from the start. Sacred Skin really does cater for everyone and the staff are all absolutely fantastic. The studio is spotless and I would urge anyone wanting a tat to go to Sacred Skin!
12 months later I fronted up for my second tattoo Ė a very important one for me after I was a few minutes away from dying a few months earlier. I had a design in mind, but as can happen with anything, it didnít turn out to be quite what I wanted.
I spoke to Tony Ė the boss - and the most sincere man I have ever met. I explained my situation and after a chat, he drew me up a brand new tat, incorporating the existing one. He made a special all out effort and came in to fix my tat on a public holiday! I now have a great new tattoo on my leg which with Tonysí insight and skilled artistry now symbolises the very personal meaning I wanted from this tattoo.
My new " Phoenix rising from the ashesĒ is the most awesome and beautiful image and I love it!!!. It depicts my battle to live and recovery perfectly, thanks to Tonys fantastic ideas. 
Tony- Thanks for listening. I cannot thank you enough for your genuine concern to make sure I was happy You are a fantastic artist and Iíll be lining up for another tattoo soon. 
Thank you soooo much Ė you are awesome!!!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to send a big thanx to Tony and the staff at Sacred Skin...I came in the shop with possibly the worst tattoo job seen by man, worst still it was big and on my ribs so not exactly an easy one to hide!!!
After I got it [at another studio] I instantly knew I was in trouble, not just how it looked but also the shock my body suffered after being tattooed by a butcher...So here I am, shit tattoo, ashamed to take off my shirt, god damn it this was supposed to be my own personal flag and I wouldn't wipe my back side with it!!!

The question was a simple one "get this thing fixed" but how?
Sacred Skin was suggested to me by a person that hadn't even been tattooed there, I showed a second guy my ordinary tattoo and again Sacred Skin was the name he mentioned, 3rd guy same again! It was time to pay Sacred Skin a visit and after my first trip to the Stones Corner store I knew I was in good hands. Friendly environment to put you at ease, experienced staff front and back make you feel welcome and most importantly the skills of Tony, you saved the day and I can't thank you enough mate! I'm proud of my rib job now and I can't wait to have it finished off and added to later this year, see ya again soon...


Fri 16/4/2010

Hi Tony and the Gang,

I finally got the tattoo I always wanted. I had been searching for a long time to find the right Tattooist (there are so many dodgy ones). I came across you guys through word of mouth. I'm so glad I came to check it out. Tony, you not only did an amazing job, you made it fun and interesting. Me putting my foot in my mouth a few times made you laugh out loud and still continues to I'm sure. The Tigers turned out awesome (the 6 hours was so worth it).

I cannot wait to come back and get more done. Thank you so much.

I would strongly recommend you guys and gals to anyone. In fact I already have and to many.

Stay safe and always smile.

Thu 01/04/2010


Just a quick note to say a big thank you to Tony and the team.

After surfing the net for many months to find the studio that I thought would best suit me for my "holiday tattoo" whislt on holiday from New Zealand I came in on 14-02-10 and received my first tattoo (butterfly on a rose).

I have to say I was so nervous I honestly thought I was going to be sick!!! Tony and his team did a fantastic job of explaining the whole process and answered in depth all of my questions etc (not only at the studio but all of the questions that I asked via e-mail as well).

The whole team at Sacred Skin were very professional and the studio is very clean and hygenic. Before I knew it I was in the chair and it was all go. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical that the tattoo would look like the picture I took in, but I was definitley proved wrong the tattoo is "ABSOLUTELY AWESOME" and is far nicer than the picture!!!.

It has healed well and I love it more every day. I get so many comments from friends that have tattoos on how good the job is and how great it looks.

So to Tony and all the team "THANKS" for the beautiful art - you have helped fulfill a lifetime dream and I have no hesitation in recommending you to friends etc. I will certainly be back next time I am on holiday in OZ.

Kindest Regards

Tue 15/12/2009


Just wanted to write to say thank you for my first tattoo that I had done on Saturday. It looks fantastic and everyone loves the way it fades from blue to black which was your fabulous tattoo artists idea. I will definitely be coming back to you guys for my next tattoos that I am already planning.

I had a fantastic experience there and everyone was very friendly including the other guys getting tattoos done. Thanks for making my first tattoo experience a pleasurable one.

Thanks very much and look after yourselves.

Kind Regards


Tue 20/10/2009

Hey guys..

I was in there last Thursday morning getting the 'mum love heart tattoo'.

Just want to say thanks.. I haven't had a chance to pop into the store.. but its looking great and I'm very pleased with how it turned out...

Thanks again.

Hopefully be back real soon...


Wed 16/09/2009

Hey to all the guys at SACRED SKIN! I was in last month to get an ambigram of my son's name on my forearm and 3 weeks after that to get a tattoo with my twin sister.
I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you all how stoked with both of them I am. They have both healed up nicely and I am already looking for my next one! The professionalism and friendliness at the shop was great and very comforting.

You definitely will be hearing from me in the near future.

Thanks sooooo much!

Tue 12/05/2009

Hi There,

I would just like to say how happy I am with my tattoo. On Saturday morning at 10am I got two little swallows tattooed on my wrist. The man that tattooed me (I think his name was Josh) did such a great job and really made sure I was happy with what I was getting. He took so much time and I never once felt rushed. I would just like to thank him very much for doing such a great job.



Tue 24/03/2009

Hi Guys,

About 6 weeks ago Kelly accomplished a long time desire I had, to have my daughter's name; Katacia Shea, tattooed on my back. I'm absolutely over the moon with end result, and I thank all concerned for their time and effort.
The end result is better than I expected and I'll be frank, you guys were the 3rd parlour I visited before deciding to run with, SACRED SKIN.

As a 'mature' canvas I wanted something that was meaningful; and representative of why I wanted my tattoo.

I wanted something a little different; not straight out of the 'book of fonts', I also wanted to be involved in the process, and ultimately, comfortable with the end result. You guys nailed it.

Thanks Jon for your artistic talent; and understanding.
Kelly, you made this journey well worth it. You have a great ear, a gentle hand (not easy in the tattoo industry), and you are a wonderful artist. And to Heather, thank you for your inspiration, and caring manner.

Collectively you guys have the full package; in the end, this was the major reason I ran with SACRED SKIN.

When time permits I'll call back in, but in the meantime, thank you.

Kind regards

Sat 7/02/2009

Hi Guys,

Just writing to say I got your message the other day checking up to see how my tattoo was going. Sorry I missed your call. It's healed rather nicely & quickly. I've attached a photo of it all healed. Its still ever so slightly raised a bit, but going perfectly.
It's a wonderful way to forever remember the daughter we lost.

I will definitely come back next time I decide to get another one done. I have had a lot of comments on how incredibly good it looks.

Thank you very much, I love it!

Fri 16/01/2009

Hi Kelly,

Just a quick note to let you know I love my Josephine Baker. It's just over a week now and she's still a bit itchy and shiny but otherwise healed.

You did a great job.


Mon 3/11/2008


I just had my follow up phone call about my tattoo.
Just wanted to add that it looks great and I get comments on it all the time.

Really nice work.


Tue 19/08/2008

Hi guys,

I just want to say how happy I am with the tattoo Tony did for me a few months ago. I am looking at coming back and getting a wolf's head done.

Thanks for a brilliant job and as it was my first I am even more happy.


Mon 18/08/2008

Kia Ora,

I just wanted to email you to say a big thank you to Willa and the rest of the team at the Stones Corner studio for making my first ever tattoo experience an exceptional one!!

Now I can join the rest of the Kiwis aye? LOL.
I came in with my sister who got her second one done by Kelly on Thursday 14th , it was a really awesome Maori design with my name etc.. on it and she did a fabulous job on Jean. After leaving the studio I was saying how easy that looked, low and behold Jean booked me in on Friday to see Willa.
I was pretty scared beforehand (actually I was FREAKING out!!!) however Willa was really kind and friendly, apologising for her voice as she was losing it a bit which I didn't mind as I didn't think I would talk that much!!
Armed heavily with Chupa Chups the whole experience was well..easy! Didn't hardly hurt at all and I was left thinking ...when will I get my next one?
The design was beautiful and the colour absolutely amazing!! Thank you Willa, you certainly are an exceptional artist!!
I'm now back in New Zealand, and healing well, I'll send a photo of my beautiful butterfly tattoo once it's fully healed!!


Mon 9/06/2008

Hi all,

I have to say getting tattooed by Willa and Matt was an experience worth having. I've been tattooed by other artists who not have come close to the work and friendly professional that these two wonderful people have shared with me through my tattoos.

I'm proud to say "I've been inked by two of the best artists in the bizz!

So whether its your first tattoos or your 100th, don't pass up the opportunity to be tattooed at SACRED SKIN in stones Corner because its well worth the trip, you won't be disappointed.

To Tony and Jo who are a family duo, its a shame there isn't enough people out there like you, your two of the most friendly people to know..

You ain't got rid of me yet...he he he

See ya soon,

Peace out.

Thu 5/06/2008

Hi Guys,
I got my first tattoo in February. I got your message to see if everything was going ok. It had healed within a week. Willa did an awesome job.

Will definitely be coming back to get another one!


Wed 12/03/2008

Hey Guys,

I had a tattoo done in December last year and I just wanted to say thank you so much for making it come true for me.

Willa did a fantastic job and I am now looking at getting another one soon.

Thanks again

Tue 8/01/2008


I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know how impressed I was with my first tattoo that I received yesterday 07th Jan at 4.30pm with Willa.
I was very nervous when I arrived and was very scared to have it done. Willa was very honest with what she was about to do and let me know step by step what she was about to do as she did it.

I felt little to no pain and was extremely impressed with her kind nature towards someone so nervous. The end result was exactly what I wanted and am more than happy with the end result. At the end I was left thinking to myself what was I so worried about.

Thanks for a job well done Willa myself and my husband will be booking into see you again shortly.


Laura Campbell
One very happy client

Wed 26/12/2007

G'day all,

My name is Grant a while back I was down in Brissy on holidays with the family, on a Saturday afternoon after sight seeing around inner Brissy shops, markets etc for the last couple of days, I mentioned to my wife that I wouldn't mind getting some more work done on my left arm, also a couple of days of wandering around shopping is plenty enough for me. So I rang a few Tattoo Studios and got the usual response of "Nah mate too busy" which was pretty understandable as I was chasing to get it done the next day.
When I rang SACRED SKIN I was greeted with a cheery and helpful answer, I explained how I was only in town for a couple of days and the lady I spoke to couldn't have been more accommodating, she told me how they were fairly heavily booked but if I wanted I could come in and have a talk to one of there, at the time, less experienced tattooists.

When I got there the next afternoon, I straight away noticed how professional and clean the studio was, I met the lady I spoke to on the phone, as I wanted a custom tattoo, and even though the waiting area was busy she was more then happy to show me a stack of Google images of sea turtles which was what I was chasing to go with the rest of the ocean theme on my left forearm, after a bit of decision making and some helpful advice I picked the image I wanted, I then was introduced to Willa.

When I first met Willa I was honestly a little skeptical about her tattooing ability as she was only fairly young and looked nothing like the regular rough head tattooists I've met in the past, we had a bit of a yarn and she showed me some of her portfolio, and also mentioned some of her art background, she confidently told me that the tat would be no problem for her.

So after a few hours of very careful tattooing, I now have an excellent and lifelike tattoo of a sea turtle on the back of my forearm, I have been getting tattooed since I was 17. I'm now 37 and I can honestly say that the turtle on my arm is one of the best most detailed tatts I have. All I can say is that my tat was done by the shop apprentice, so it makes you wonder, how good are her mentors.

I'm so happy with the tat I would consider traveling the 3000klm round trip to get my right arm completed. So in my opinion if your chasing a top quality tattoo done in a professional, clean and courteous environment, go to SACRED SKIN and you won't go wrong.


PS, I'm pretty stoked to see my tat on Willa's portfolio, on your website, I might get back down there again to have more work done, who knows? But to all of ya's down there, have a safe happy healthy and prosperous new year.

Fri 2/11/2007

Good Morning

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you all for making my First Tattoo experience a good one.

Many thanks to Willa for making me feel at ease during the time I was there yesterday.

The job she did on my "Bast Egyptian God" is absolutely awesome.



Sun 17/09/2006

Thanks again for another top job..

See ya's next time round


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